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Dr. Mel Ortega, a respected surgeon, discusses the influence of popular culture on the plastic surgery field


Dr. Mel Ortega, a celebrity plastic surgeon from spectrum aesthetic miami is known for his skillful Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), Liposuction (Lipo), and Breast Augmentation techniques, has shared his thoughts on the impact of social media on the plastic surgery industry. In an interview, Dr. Ortega noted that pop culture trends heavily influence the demand for surgical procedures. As people want to fit in and gain wide acclaim, they often look to copy what is popular and en vogue, which is why surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lift are in high demand.

Dr. Mel Ortega has leveraged the platform to great effect, posting regular updates of his work and showcasing the dramatic transformations he has achieved for his clients.

Dr. Ortega started posting before-and-after photos of his clients on Instagram, along with captions that highlighted the confidence boost that the procedure had given them. He also started using hashtags like #spectrumdoll and #ortegadoll to connect with a wider audience of women who were looking to enhance their bodies and feel more confident in their skin. Despite not having wanted a career in surgery to start with, Dr. Mel Ortega has accomplished a lot over the years and has come a long way. He credits his father for wisely convincing him to go into medicine, or else he would have been a musician or a painter and starving today. He found out that plastic surgery was a whole different world and not just because the stakes were lower. After completing his plastic surgery residency, he found himself with nine years of postgraduate training in pediatrics, general surgery, and plastic surgery.

Dr. Ortega works as a surgeon, having moved forward with many years of quality work under his belt. He is looking forward to spending the next stage of his career focusing on the procedures where he excels. Despite the fact that his industry is plagued by actors with dubious ethics looking for a quick payday, Dr. Ortega is always aiming to make a difference in whichever way he can. He believes that just because their financials don't meet up to the high-end ones doesn't mean they don't deserve to have that level of craft from a board-certified plastic surgeon. suggests listening to a certified expert instead of being swayed by social media influencers who likely do not have any medical experience.

Despite this, Dr. Ortega acknowledges that social media has become a crucial tool for plastic surgeons to promote their services and showcase their work. Instagram, with over 125 million users in the USA alone, is the go-to platform for many plastic surgeons to share before-and-after photos and client testimonials. In summary, while social media has a significant impact on the plastic surgery industry, Dr. Ortega advises caution and encourages people to consult certified experts before making any decisions

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