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BBL Recovery Resources

BBL Recovery Dos and Don'ts

BBL Recovery Dos and Don'ts

Congratulations on your Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)! Now comes the exciting yet crucial recovery phase. Proper aftercare is essential for achieving optimal results and maintaining your sculpted backside. But with so much information online, it's easy to get confused.

This guide focuses on the key post-BBL don'ts to ensure a smooth recovery and long-lasting results. We'll also answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to empower you on your BBL journey.

Top BBL Aftercare Don'ts:

  • Say No to Sitting: This might be the toughest one, but for at least the first 3 weeks (and potentially longer depending on your surgeon's instructions), sitting is a big no-no. Sitting puts direct pressure on your newly transferred fat cells, which can disrupt their delicate settling process. Invest in a BBL pillow or prop yourself up with pillows for short sitting periods.
  • Hold Off on Strenuous Exercise: While exercise is fantastic for overall health, high-impact activities like running, squatting, or weightlifting put too much strain on your healing body. Stick to gentle walks and light movement as instructed by your doctor.
  • Ditch the Tight Clothes: Comfort is key! Tight clothing, especially jeans or leggings, can compress your buttocks and hinder proper healing. Opt for loose-fitting garments like sweatpants or a comfy maxi dress.
  • Smoking is a Big Stressor: Smoking constricts blood vessels, which can negatively impact healing and fat cell survival. If you're a smoker, quitting before surgery and throughout recovery is highly recommended.
  • Beware of Hot Tubs and Baths: Soaking in hot tubs or baths for at least 3 weeks post-surgery is a no-go. Sitting in a tub puts pressure on your buttocks, and hot water can disrupt healing. Opt for lukewarm showers instead.

BBL Recovery: What They Might Not Tell You

  • Recovery Takes Time: Be prepared for some swelling, bruising, and discomfort for several weeks. Patience is key!
  • Results Aren't Instant: Your final BBL results won't be fully visible until around 3-6 months after surgery, as the fat cells settle, and your body adjusts.
  • Maintenance Matters: A healthy diet and exercise routine are crucial for maintaining your BBL results in the long run.

BBL Results: Longevity and Maintenance Tips

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Tips for for Sleeping After BBL Surgery

So you've taken the plunge and booked your Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)! Now you're eagerly awaiting that sculpted, curvier backside. But wait, there's more to BBL than just the surgery itself. Recovery is crucial, and a big part of that is getting a good night's sleep.

This guide will be your slumber buddy, helping you navigate those post-BBL nights and ensuring a smooth recovery for dream results.

Why Can't I Sleep on My Back After BBL?

Hold on a sec, back sleepers! After BBL surgery, your surgeon will likely advise against sleeping on your back or side for the first six weeks. This is because those newly transferred fat cells in your buttocks are delicate. Pressure on these precious cells can disrupt their survival and impact your final results.

Mastering the Art of Stomach Sleeping

Since back and side sleeping are off-limits i

bridget despen
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How to use Lipo Roller after Liposuction: A Detailed Guide

Liposuction is a transformative procedure of removing fat and excessive skin from body areas, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. Liposuction occasionally leaves the skin with uneven textures such as lumps and bumps, sometimes leading to fibrosis. People make a lot of effort to make their waist small using compression garments like fajas but do not take care of their skin. Fajas, foams, and ab boards are important for post-liposuction recovery, but rolling is very beneficial for the skin as it smoothens the skin. A Lipo Roller massages the skin, promotes better blood flow, and assists post-liposuction recovery. 

Here we will discuss how to use lipo roller after liposuction and everything you need to know about lipo roller. 

How Lipo Rollor Work

Lipo rollers work at the skin's cellular level by promoting blood circulation and offering numerous benefits for the skin. 

  • Promote Blood Circulation

When you roll the lipo roller around your skin, it exerts pressure on blood vessels located below the skin. This promotes blood flow and your skin cells get more oxygen and essential nutrients making your skin healthier and glowing.   

  • Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein making the structure or framework of your cells and tissues. Rolling the lipo roller on your skin increases collagen formation which provides structural support to your skin and maintains its firmness and elasticity. Lipo roller stimulates collagen production as our body naturally produces collagen, enhancing skin elasticity and giving it a younger appearance.

What are the benefits of lipo massage?

Massage with lipo roller can help in:

  • Reduces Fluid Accumulation: Lipo roller promotes lymphatic drainage reducing fluid buildup and post-surgery swelling.
  • Easing Fibrosis: The massaging action of the roller breaks down fibrous tissue, making it less dense and more pliable, aiding recovery.
  • Toxin Drainage: Lipo massage roller promotes blood circulation assists in removing toxins from the body and supports the healing process.

How to use the Lipo Roller

The use of a lipo roller is quite easy. Before using lipo board make sure your skin is clean and dry. Here is a step-by-step procedure for using a lipo roller.  

1. Hold the Lipo Roller Properly

First, grab a lipo roller by its handle to roll it over the affected areas. You can use it on your thighs, belly, or arms where you want to reduce cellulite or firm up the skin

2. Apply a Gentle Pressure

Now apply a little bit of pressure, but don't apply too much doing so can damage your skin. Roll it back and forth, up and down, and side to side for a few minutes. Think of it like you are giving yourself a mini massage.


If the lipo roller is too soft and too hard it would not be effective. Consider buying a moderate one for a comfortable level of pressure. 

3. Use moisturizer or oil 

Some people like to use a moisturizer or oil with their Lipo roller for smoother gliding and added hydration. This can make the whole process feel even more luxurious.

4. Roll it  In A Consistent Pattern

Maintain a consistent rolling pattern to promote even blood flow. You can roll vertically, horizontally, or diagonally ensuring no area is left untreated.

Be Consistent 

Consistency is key when using a Lipo roller. Aim to use it a few times a week for best results, and be patient – it may take some time to see noticeable changes, but with regular use, you should start to notice smoother, firmer skin over time. And remember, always clean your Lipo roller after each use to keep it hygienic and in good condition.

How To Choose The Right Lipo Roller

Choosing the right lipo massage roller ensures effective results. Here we will discuss some factors you should consider while buying a lipo roller.  


Lipo rollers come in various designs, including handle shapes and roller sizes. Consider buying what feels comfortable in your hand and is easy to maneuver across your skin.


Consider buying lipo rollers made from high-quality materials like silicone or medical-grade plastics. These materials are durable, easy to clean, and safe for the skin.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews and asking past users for suggestions can be extremely valuable. Real-world experiences help you a lot in choosing quality lipo rollers. 


Consider whether you want a manual roller or a powered one, such as an electric massager. Manual rollers give you more control over pressure and movement, while powered rollers may offer additional features like adjustable speed settings.


Lipo rollers are available at a range of price points. Consider your budget while buying lipo roller, keep in mind that higher-priced options may offer better durability and design features.

How to Prepare Your Skin For The Lipo Roller

Before using a lipo roller, prepare your skin to maximize its benefits. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Cleanse Your Skin

First, start by cleansing your skin to remove dirt, makeup, or skincare products ensuring lipo roller works directly on the skin giving good results.  

2. Maintain Hygiene

Take great care of hygiene before using skin care tools. Clean the lipo roller before each use to remove bacteria and dirt buildup.

3. Consider Pre-Rolling Products

You can use pre-rolling products recommended by surgeons or dermatologists to enhance the benefits of lipo rolling. These work in synergy with the massaging action of the roller to further improve skin health.

Professional Lipo Rolling VS At-Home Sessions

If you want to do lipo rolling at home, it would be easy and budget-friendly. You can do it at any time without having to book appointments and leave the house. But you may not do it like a professional because it requires the right techniques,  tools, and expertise. When you go to a professional,  you're getting professional help. They know all the ins and outs of lipo rolling, so you can trust them and they can tailor the treatment to your specific needs. It may charge more but in return, you will get peace of mind and will pamper yourself.


Here you will know how to use a lipo roller after liposuction.Now the question is where to buy a lipo roller.  We suggest you purchase a lipo roller from us at Bombshell Booty Pillow. Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage Roller for Post Liposuction is made of soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This is Clinically tested and recommended by both cosmetic and plastic surgery professionals. The soft foam roller improves healing by assisting with lymphatic drainage and post-op swelling. Surgery can leave you with scar tissue and uneven bumps and lumps. This foam roller will positively impact irregularities. So, Protect your investment now and help your body recover more efficiently. You can buy other accessories and supplies from us at bombshell booty pillow.com

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Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for removing excessive skin and fat from the belly area to get a flat stomach. Most people get a tummy tuck procedure to tighten the abdominal wall muscles after weight loss or pregnancy. After the tummy tuck procedure how you take care matters the most. Proper post-operative care ensures the best result from the surgery giving the desired outlook to your body. Most doctors recommend ab board under compression garments to support your abdomen after a tummy tuck procedure. 

This article will discuss whether do you need an ab board after a tummy tuck and its benefits and risks.

What is an Abdominal Board?

An abdominal board is a firm flat board placed against the stomach under a compression garment to support your abdomen while healing and reducing the risk of swelling and bruising. 

Foam Boards

Foam boards are soft but firm and provide gentle support to your abdomen.  These are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, you can wear them all day even at work under your compression garments. These foam boards evenly distribute pressure across your abdomen and aid in healing. 

Compression Boards

Compression boards are a bit stiffer than foam boards and provide stronger support to your abdomen. Compression boards are recommended when firm support is needed for your abdomen preventing swelling and helping skin adhere properly. 

Purpose of Abdominal Board 

An ab board plays the most important role in recovery. The main purposes of using an ab board are:

Reducing Swelling: An ab board helps reduce post op swelling by providing gentle even pressure across the abdominal area. 

Supports the Abdomen: It supports the abdomen muscles and tissues helping them heal in the correct position. 

Improves Shape: The ab board helps maintain a flat stomach giving the desired body contour result. 

Why Use Abdominal Board

There are several reasons you should use abdominal board after tummy tuck procedure. 

1. Enhanced Compression and Support

An ab board provides compression and support to the abdomen which helps in reducing swelling after the tummy tuck procedure. READ CAN YOU SLEEP WITH AN ABDOMINAL BOARD? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. 

2. Promoting Proper Drainage of Fluids

After surgery, you will observe the packet of fluids during the healing process. The ab board drains this fluid properly to speed up the recovery process. 

3. Improved Body Shape

The main goal of the tummy tuck procedure is to get a flat and smooth stomach. An ab board helps in healing your skin and muscles in the correct position. It prevents wrinkles and uneven areas in the abdomen giving smooth recovery.

4. Accelerate Healing

An ab board can accelerate healing by preventing fluid accumulation and minimizing the risk of seroma and other complications. Seroma is a pocket of fluid that can develop after surgery. The compression provided by the ab board prevents the risk of seroma

Surgeons Who Recommend Using a Board

Most plastic surgeon recommends the use of an ab board after the tummy tuck procedure as it provides better support, reduces swelling and gives a flat smooth appearance. Scientific studies say that compression aids can enhance recovery by promoting proper fluid drainage and reducing the risk of complications like seromas (fluid build-up). Read WHEN TO START WEARING AB BOARD AFTER LIPO.

Surgeons Who Are Against Using ab Board

Some patients find the ab board uncomfortable and hard to adjust on the abdomen which can affect the healing process. If the ab board is not used correctly it can put too much pressure and can cause skin irritation leading to complications thats why some surgeons are agains using it. 

Risks and Downsides

There are some potential risks and downsides assiciated with using ab board. 

  • Discomfort

Some people feel discomfort while wearing ab board. Due to its stiffness it's hard to adjust on the stomach and causes discomfort when sitting or moving around. 

  • Excessive Pressure 

When not used correctly ab board can cause excessive pressure  which can cause pain, discomfort and breathing difficulties. It can also slowed healing and cause new tissues damage. 

  • Skin Irritation

Wearing abdominal board can sometimes irritate your skin causing redness, itching, or rash where the board presses against your skin.

Alternatives to Using abdominal board

There are some alternatives which you can use in place of ab board after tummy tuck procedure.

Compression Garments

Many surgeons recommend compression garments they are snug-fitting clothes designed to support your abdomen after surgery. These are available in various styles, including high-waisted shorts, girdles, and full-body suits. They are made from stretchy materials that gently compress your abdomen reducing swelling and supporting your muscles and skin as they heal. These are more comfortable than ab board and are easy to wear under your clothes. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Another alternative is manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage. This is a special type of massage that helps move fluids away from the surgical area.A trained therapist uses gentle, rhythmic strokes to massage your skin. This encourages the lymphatic system to drain excess fluids away from the surgical area and reduces swelling.You can use Lymphatic drainage massage  rollor yourself. 

Other Post-Operative Care Tips

There are some general care tips to follow after a tummy tuck procedure:

  • Healthy Diet and Hydration

Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and proteins supports your healing process. Foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains are beneficial. Drinking plenty of water helps your body heal and reduces swelling. Staying hydrated is crucial for your overall health and recovery.

  • Gentle Exercise and Mobility

 Light activities like walking can promote blood circulation and prevent complications like blood clots. It also helps reduce swelling.  Avoid strenuous activities, but try to move around gently and regularly. This helps your body heal faster and keeps you feeling better.

Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck. Read  ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL TUMMY TUCK RECOVERY. 

Do You Need an Ab board after the Tummy Tuck

The most important method in deciding whether you should use an ab board is consulting your surgeons. Your surgeon will recommend you according to your body's needs. Consider how comfortable you feel using ab board. If it causes significant discomfort, discuss alternatives with your surgeon. If you experience pain, excessive swelling, or skin irritation stop using it.  These could be signs that the board or any other method is not suitable for you. Monitor your healing progress, If you’re not seeing the expected improvements or are facing complications, it’s important to reach out to your healthcare provider for advice.

WHERE TO BUY Abdominal Board

We suggest you purchase abdominal board from us at Bombshell Booty Pillow. Our  Butterfly-shaped Abdominal Support Board is designed for flattening abdominal skin after cosmetic surgery. It will become virtually invisible underneath. It'll flatten your tummy and speed up your recovery process. You'll be able to wear your favorite outfits while also having the excellent effects of this Compression. Speed up your post-surgery recovery with our Abdominal Compression Board, as it is recommended after liposuction or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), it keeps the area of the abdomen straight and decreases dead space, swelling, and seromas.

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Can you sleep with an abdominal board? All you need to know

An abdominal board is a firm, flat board often used after procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck, to provide uniform compression over the surgical area. This helps reduce swelling and fluid buildup commonly observed after certain surgical procedures. Many people have a question Can you sleep with an abdominal board? While it can be beneficial during the day, wearing it at night can lead to discomfort, skin irritation, and even breathing difficulties. Here we will cover the benefits and potential risks of wearing a board while sleeping. 

Benefits of Sleeping with an Abdominal Board

Here are some benefits of wearing an ab board after a surgical procedure. 

Enhanced Healing 

Wearing an abdominal board provides constant pressure on the abdominal area, promoting healing and reducing the risk of complications. Read WHEN TO START WEARING AB BOARD AFTER LIPO.

Reduce Swelling and Bruising

The Compression provided by the ab board helps the body reduce swelling and bruising while preventing fluid buildup. 

Enhanced Body Contouring Results

The uniform compression provided by the board keeps the waist and abdomen in shape and helps achieve the desired aesthetic look.

Support Proper Alignment

While sleeping our bodies relax and can shift out of place, the board helps keep everything aligned enhancing the overall body contouring result.

Pain Management

Wearing an ab board prevents unnecessary strain and movement by providing extra support to our abdomen. This also reduces pain and soreness making it easier to get quality sleep.

Drawbacks of Sleeping With Ab Board

There are some potential drawbacks of sleeping with an ab board. 

1. Finding the Right Sleeping Position

Finding a comfortable sleep position with an ab board can be challenging as It's difficult to settle into our usual sleeping posture. You will need to try different positions to find one that works but it can be frustrating and time-consuming. HOW TO WEAR FOAM BOARDS AFTER LIPO

2. Affect Sleep Quality

An ab can cause discomfort and affect sleep quality because its time consuming to find a comfortable position.  While wearing an ab board you will not get the deep, restful sleep you need for healing, poor sleep can leave you tired and irritable during the day.

3. Skin Irritation

Wearing an ab board for long periods, especially while sleeping, can lead to skin problems. The constant pressure on the skin can cause irritation or soreness which can be painful. If you notice any skin irritation stop using the ab board. Keep the area clean and dry, and check your skin regularly for any signs of irritation or sores to avoid skin issues. Use a soft cloth or padding between the board and skin to reduce friction and pressure.

4. Breathing Difficulties

When you wear an ab board while sleeping it is difficult to take deep breaths which can be uncomfortable and alarming. To ensure proper breathing find a sleeping position that doesn't compress your chest or abdomen too much. If you are unable to breathe properly stop using ab board and consult with your healthcare provider.

Tips for Sleeping Comfortably with an Abdominal Board

Use Ab Board Gradually

You should start wearing an abdominal board for a few hours in the start, when your body gets used to it and it is not causing discomfort you can wear it all night. Read LIPO BOARD VS LIPO FOAM_ WHICH ONE IS BETTER

Finding the Right Sleeping Position

Find the right sleeping position so that you are comfortable wearing an ab board while sleeping. Sleeping on the back or side works best it keeps an ab board in place and you will not exert too much pressure on the abdomen. HOW TO SLEEP AFTER LIPOSUCTION 360.

Avoid Sleeping On Stomach

Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it can put strain on your abdomen and make the board feel more uncomfortable. Sleep in those positions that keep your body aligned and supported. 

Use Pillows and Support

You can use the pillow to make you more comfortable while sleeping. Place the pillow under your knee if you are sleeping on your back or between your knees if you are sleeping on your side.

Alternatives to Sleeping with an Abdominal Board

Compression Garments

If you find ab board uncomfortable while sleeping you can use other compression garments that provide the essential support and compression. Compression garments are made of soft, flexible material making them more comfortable to wear at night.

Wearing the Ab Board Daytime only

If you are uncomfortable sleeping with the abdominal board, you can wear it only in the daytime. This way you will still get the support and compression you need for healing without disrupting your sleep and your body will have a chance to relax. This allows your body to breathe and reduces the risk of irritation and pressure sores. 

Final Thoughts

Sleeping with an abdominal board has both its pros and cons. On the positive side it can reduce swelling or bruising, improve healing, alleviate pain, and provide support to abdomen muscle tissues, on the negative side it can cause discomfort while sleeping, skin irritation and you may face breathing difficulties. Here we have mentioned the benefits and risks of wearing an abdominal board while sleeping so that you can make informed decisions. Consult with your health care provider, he will advise you according to your body's needs as every person's body is different. Consider personal comfort and your surgeon advises that whether you should wear it at night or only during the daytime, after all the ultimate goal is your health and smooth recovery.  

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What You Need For BBL Recovery-All You Need to Know

If you have recently undergone a Brazilian butt lift surgery, you may be worried about the recovery process. Recovery is as important as the BBL procedure, so you should be careful. When you give your body the love and attention it needs, it will heal properly giving the desired result. If you don’t take care of your butt after surgery and don’t follow the surgeon’s instructions, you may end up having more pain than usual which will affect the surgery result. 

Here we will cover what you need for BBL recovery so, continue reading this and you're all set for a smooth and successful recovery after your BBL surgery!

What To Do Before BBL Procedure

You should plan your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery as smooth as possible. Here are some things you must do before the BBL procedure. 

Consult With Your Surgeon

Before having BBL surgery, discuss it with your surgeon. Here you can ask him about all your queries related to BBL recovery and what to expect so,  you can plan your recovery journey.

At-Home Recovery Setup

You'll need to have someone drive you home after the procedure. Your home should be all set up for your recovery process. It should be comfortable where you can relax and heal. You should get all BBL accessories there that aid in the recovery process. 

Arrange Assistance At Home

After undergoing surgery you are not allowed to put pressure on your newly augmented butt so, you need help in doing daily activities like cooking, cleaning, or just getting around. You can ask your friends and family members to help you during this period. 

Post-Operative Care

After your surgery, keep an eye on things like unusual pain, swelling, or any redness around the surgery area. If you notice anything unusual, consult your doctor immediately. You may experience discomfort or pain after surgery, but don't worry, your doctor will prescribe pain medications to help. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about care of your incision sites like keeping the area clean and dry, changing dressings regularly, and avoiding certain activities that could strain the wounds.  

Managing Discomfort and Swelling

After the surgery, you may experience swelling around the surgical area. Try elevating your legs while resting, like putting them on a pillow to reduce it. Drink plenty of water and avoid salty foods this will help in reducing swelling. Use compression garments these will make you more comfortable, reduce swelling, and aid in the healing process. You can use ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with pain, while ice packs can soothe soreness or swelling. Consult with your surgeon before taking any medicine.   

Importance of Proper Nutrition for Healing

Having a good diet helps in healing after surgery. It's like giving your body the fuel to rebuild and recover. After your BBL surgery, focus on eating foods that are good for your body and promote healing. Think of it like stocking up on ingredients for a recipe that makes you feel good. Some great options include:

  • Lean proteins like chicken, fish, tofu, and beans to help rebuild muscles
  • Fruits and vegetables for vitamins and antioxidants
  • Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and oats for energy
  • Healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and olive oil to support cell repair

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key for helping your body heal and flushing out toxins. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, aiming for at least 8-10 glasses. You can also hydrate with herbal teas, coconut water, or infused water for extra flavor.

Physical Activity

During the initial phase of recovery, it is highly recommended to take proper rest as your body needs time to get better. After some weeks, you can slowly start doing gentle activities when you feel better. You may want to do your normal exercises, you should wait until your doctor says it's okay. Tough exercises could hurt your body and make it harder for you to heal. So, wait until your doctor gives you the thumbs up.

Take a Shower Not a Bath

After your cosmetic procedure, take a shower after two days but don't take baths for at least four weeks. While taking a bath you can put pressure on your buttocks, and getting your incisions wet can lead to infection. Stick to showers until your fat grafts are settled and your incisions heal.

What supplies do you need for BBL recovery?

BBL surgery requires the necessary accessories for the post-op recovery period. Taking care of your body after the surgery is the key to the most satisfying results. Here are some accessories and supplies for the recovery process.


Among compression garments, faja is the most important, worn immediately after the procedure. Wearing a compression faja helps in reducing the swelling, bruising, and blood clots in the surgical area and also preserves the new shape of the butt. It is advised to wear lipo foam or lipo board with a faja to maximize the surgery result. Compression socks are also recommended after surgery. Compression socks prevent blood clots by promoting blood flow.


Sitting is not allowed after the BBL procedure, the only way to sit is on a BBL pillow.  BBL pillows transfer pressure from your butt to your thighs protecting your newly grafted booty. These butt pillows come in various shapes such as a donut-like, or a U shape. These designs reduce pressure on your butt. 

Bathroom essentials

As you know you are not allowed to sit after BBL, use the BBL toilet seat lifter for sitting in the bathroom. You should use a female urinal device to pee so that you do not need to sit again and again. Make sure your bathroom is nonslip. 

Enhance BBL Surgery Result 

To enhance your BBL result, make healthy choices in your daily life. Eat nutritious foods, stay active, and avoid habits like smoking that can affect your body. After your surgery, you'll have follow-up appointments with your surgeon. It's like having a check-up to make sure everything's going well. Your surgeon will monitor your progress and make sure you're healing properly. These appointments are important for your recovery and addressing any concerns. Your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical health. It's normal to have ups and downs after surgery, so make sure to take care of your mental health. 

Have a Massage

Massage aids in the recovery process by promoting blood flow.  When it comes to the Brazilian butt lift, plastic surgeons recommend lymphatic massage, which promotes healing and improves the appearance of the skin. In most cases, the massages are performed in liposuction areas. A lipo roller is essential if you are not going for lymphatic massages. 


In wrapping up, just keep these things in mind for a smooth recovery after your BBL surgery: listen to your doctor, eat right, rest up, and stick to those follow-up visits. And hey, be patient with yourself, okay? Recovery takes time, so treat yourself kindly and lean on your loved ones for support. 

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How to Clean a BBL Pillow? Step by Step Procedure

A BBL pillow is a contoured design cushion used after having the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Surgeons highly recommend using a BBL pillow for sitting after BBL surgery. The  BBL pillow will let you place your thighs on it and leave your butt hanging free. This helps in protecting your newly grafted booty. Now, the question is how to clean a BBL pillow?  Well, just like we wash our clothes to stay clean and comfy, cleaning the BBL pillow is super important too. It helps keep away germs and dirt, which can cause problems for our skin. Moreover, a clean BBL pillow feels nicer to use so, keeping your BBL pillow clean is not just about staying healthy but also about feeling good and comfortable.

What Stuff You Need to Clean a BBL Pillow

First, let's talk about what stuff you'll need to clean your BBL pillow. You need a mild detergent or soap and warm water for cleaning. These are the major products for the cleansing process. You should also have a bucket or basin for mixing the detergent and water. Don't forget to get a sponge or soft cloth for scrubbing. 

Read All  Instructions

We recommend you to read the instructions that come with the pillow. Because the manufacturing company knows it best, right? So, you will know the best way to clean it without damaging it. These instructions will also help you know that you are using it effectively and safely. So, reading all the instructions mentioned on the product is a good idea. 

Wash PillowCase

If your pillow comes with a cover, remove it for cleaning. You can wash this cover in the washing machine making cleaning much easier. You need  to take off the cover, wash it, let it dry in the air, and be ready to use it again. Moreover, you should ideally let your cover dry in the sun after washing. This way, it’ll be refreshingly clean when you use it again. But if you don’t have enough time, throw it in your dryer. This is quite simple, isn't it? 

How to  Clean a BBL Pillow? Step By Step Procedure

Here are some simple steps to Clean Your BBL Pillow. Following these steps can help keep your BBL pillow clean and comfy for a long time!

Step 1: Prepare Solution

Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing some mild detergent or soap in warm water. Make a solution in a basin or bucket so it mixes up nicely.

Step 2: Wash Your Pillow

Soak your BBL  pillow in the detergent solution so the pillow is thoroughly soaked in the solution.  After some time gently scrub the pillow with a soft cloth or sponge. If you notice any dirty spots or stains, rub them well to remove them.


If there is a little stain on your pillow just take mild detergent with water on a washcloth and gently wipe the stain away. This will save you time and you don't need to wash the entire BBL pillow. 

Step 3: Rinse With Clean Water

Now rinse your pillow with clean water to remove soap or detergent from the pillow. Rinse it until you don't see any more soap bubbles. This ensures that all the soap residue is gone.

Step 4: Drying Your Pillow

Now dry your pillow with a clean towel and pat it dry gently. Remove as much water as you can. Now let your pillow dry in the air before using it again. When it is dry you can use it again. 


Moreover, you should dry your pillow in the sun after washing. This way, it’ll be refreshingly clean when you use it again. 

Care and Maintenance of BBL Pillow

These simple tips will keep your BBL pillow in great condition, ensuring you get the most out of it every time you use it!

  • Clean it Regularly

To keep your BBL pillow fresh and comfy clean it regularly. Schedule cleaning it every week or so. This helps in preventing dirt and germs from building up in your pillow. Cleaning your pillow will longer the lifespan of your booty pillow

  • Avoid harsh chemicals

Be very gentle while cleaning your BBL pillow. Do not use harsh chemicals as they can damage the fabric of the BBL pillow. Use a mild detergent, soap, and warm water for a safe and effective cleaning.

  • Store Your Pillow 

Store your BBL pillow in a clean, dry place when it is not in use. This prevents dust or dirt from settling on it, keeping it fresh and ready for your next use. Furthermore, storing it properly can help maintain its shape and extend its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Here is all about How to clean a bbl pillow. Incorporating BBL Pillow into your routine can significantly enhance your healing process. So, dive into the Bombshell Booty Pillow collection and invest in one of these BBL Pillows to accelerate your path to the desired aesthetic outcome. BBL pillow is important for your recovery after surgery. When you take care and clean it properly, it will last longer and work effectively. During your healing journey taking care of hygiene will prevent you from infection and other problems. So, by giving your pillow some care and attention, you're making your recovery journey safer and more comfortable.


Can I Wash My BBL Pillow in the Machine?

Read the instructions; while some pillow covers are machine washable. However, the entire pillow requires hand-washing. 

Is It Safe To Use Bleach Or Other Strong Chemicals?

Avoid using bleach and other harsh chemicals as they can damage the fabric of the pillow.   It may also irritate post-operative skin.

How often Should I clean My BBL Pillow?

Usually, it is suggested to clean it every 2-3 months or when visibly soiled.

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How to use a BBL Pillow

A BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) pillow is specifically designed to provide support and comfort while sitting or lying down after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. The purpose of the pillow is to prevent pressure on the newly transferred fat cells in the buttocks area, thus helping to maintain the shape and integrity of the newly augmented buttocks. Here's how to use a BBL pillow effectively:

  1. Follow Post-Surgery Instructions: Before using the BBL pillow, ensure you understand and follow any post-surgery instructions provided by your surgeon. This might include specific guidance on when and how to use the pillow.

  2. Positioning: Place the BBL pillow on a chair, sofa, or any surface where you intend to sit. The design of the pillow typically features a cutout or opening in the center. This opening should align with your buttocks when you sit down.

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Lipo board Vs Lipo foam_ Which one is Better

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure for removing excess fat deposits from the body.  Although the surgery itself is important for achieving the desired aesthetic look, the recovery process is equally important to get the desired result. Procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck require some accessories and supplies to ensure optimal recovery. The use of compression garments is recommended by doctors post-surgery. Lipo foam and lipo board are the most common products after this procedure. These products aid in the recovery process and have distinct features and applications. 

This article will explore lipo board vs lipo foam to help you understand their roles, benefits, and possible drawbacks. 

The Role of Compression in Liposuction Recovery

Compression garments play an important role in post-operative care following liposuction by exerting pressure on the treated areas. This helps reduce swelling, prevent fluid buildup (seroma), and promote skin retraction. Moreover, compression products can aid in contouring the body to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.  Many compression products are available in the market, Lipo Foam and Lipo Boards are frequently recommended by surgeons.

What is Lipo Foam

Lipo foam is a soft, flexible compression sheet inserted between a compression garment and suctioned areas. It helps to evenly distribute the pressure of the garment, reduce swelling and bruising, and provide added comfort. These foam sheets may be perforated, for better airflow and increased comfort. Read Lipo foam benefits you should use lipo foam after liposuction

What does a  Lipo foam do

Lipo foam provides even pressure distribution across the operated area and reduces the risk of dents or uneven healing—the lipo foam cushions between the compression garment and the skin. One amazing thing about Lipo Foam is its flexibility which confirms that the body is contouring comfortably. Ideal for patients with sensitive skin as it acts as a barrier between skin and dressing. 


  • Less Bruising
  • Less Swelling
  • Less Ecchymosis
  • Flexibility
  • Uniform Compression Over Suctioned Area


Doesn't provide the firm support needed for optimal skin adhesion like the lipo board.

You should clean or change it often because it touches your skin directly.

Materials and Construction

Lipo foam sheets are made up of soft and flexible material. Usually, they are made up of latex-free foam, so it's safe for people with allergies. These lipo foams are rectangular pads or strips covered with a soft fabric. These are designed so that they fit easily against the areas of your body where you had surgery. You can easily wear it without being noticeable as its thickness is low. Some types of lipo foam are made up of breathable material to help with drainage and airflow. Lipo foam is lightweight and can be trimmed to fit your specific needs. 

Care And Maintainance

Care and maintenance of lipo foam ensure its effectiveness and longevity during your recovery after surgery. Start by cleaning it with mild soap and water, ensuring thorough rinsing, and allowing it to air dry completely before reuse. It's better to avoid exposing lipo foam to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents that could damage its material. Handle it with care, avoiding sharp objects or rough handling to prevent tearing or damage. When not in use keep lipo foam in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent deformation or damage. Regularly inspect the foam for signs of wear such as tears, fraying, or significant flattening, and consider replacing it if needed to maintain optimal support and comfort during your recovery. These simple care and maintenance practices will help keep your lipo foam clean, comfortable, and effective throughout your post-surgery healing process.

Abdominal Board

An abdominal board is a firm, flat board, usually made of rigid materials such as plastic or foam, placed under a post-surgery compression garment. These boards typically provide targeted compression to specific areas of the body. Its primary purpose is to flatten the abdominal area, reduce swelling, and prevent fibrosis formation. Read how to wear foam boards after lipo. 

What does an abdominal board do

The ab board firmness helps achieve a flatter tummy after surgical procedures. This ensures that the skin adheres to the muscle properly. The consistent pressure on the operated area caused by the ab board prevents the formation of lumps and irregularities. In contrast to Lipo Foam, Lipo Boards offer a firmer and more structured form of compression. Read FLATTENING ABDOMINAL BOARD: A POST-LIPO ESSENTIAL


  • Fast recovery
  • Reduce skin irritation
  • Prevent Rashes
  • Prevent Post-operative bruising
  • Adjustable and secure fit
  • Soft and hypoallergenic materials


Might feel uncomfortable because it's hard and thick. 

Be careful while positioning it to avoid uneven pressure.

Materials and Construction

A lipo board helps in recovery after liposuction surgery by providing even compression on the surgical area along with preventing fluid retention. Usually, it is made of the finest fabrics or Soft and hypoallergenic materials to keep your skin fresh and rash-free. There is also a padding or a soft cover to make it more comfortable to use after tummy-tuck or liposuction procedures. Some lipo boards have adjustable straps to help keep them in place. The construction of a lipo board is simple usually a flat surface with a smooth finish or some may have a slight curve to fit the contours of your body better. Their size easily fits in the areas where you had liposuction. The lipo board is inserted under a compression garment to evenly distribute pressure and prevent uneven swelling. You can easily wear it without even being noticed by someone else. 

Care And Maintainance

You should take care of your lipo board so that it remains effective and supportive in your recovery journey otherwise, it will affect your surgery result.  Keep it clean because you are using it directly on your skin, wipe it with a damp cloth or with mild soap if it's too dirty, then dry it to prevent any moisture buildup. Make sure that there is no dirt and germs on it. Hold it carefully and avoid rough handling and do not place heavy objects on it. When not in use keep the lipo board away from extreme temperature or moisture. If you notice any cracks or loose parts discontinue using it and buy a new one. Follow these steps to prolong the lifespan of your lipo board and maintain its effectiveness.

Lipo Foam Vs Lipo Board

The abdominal board and foam pad play an important role in post-surgical recovery, especially after procedures like liposuction or tummy tuck. The abdominal board provides firmer support for optimal skin adhesion and preventing post-operative bruising, the lipo foam pads provide even pressure distribution and help in swelling reduction.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you will have an understanding of lipo foam vs lipo board and you can easily choose according to your needs. Many patients utilize both lipo foam and lipo board in sequence or even concurrently. We suggest you discuss this with your doctor while selecting the best post-operative care products.  

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Benefits of Buying BBL Pillow

As you know after undergoing  butt augmentation or Brazilian butt lift surgery, you are not allowed to sit or sleep on your back. Doctors prescribed to use bbl pillow for sitting during the initial period after the Brazilian butt lift procedure to reduce discomfort and pain that comes with the recovery process. Butt pillows are specially designed cushions that are created to support the buttocks and hips while sitting or lying down. These pillows transferred the pressure of sitting from your butt to your thighs so your newly transferred fats don’t get affected by sitting for long periods. 
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The Best BBL Pillow: A Shopping Guide

The journey after a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery isn’t always easy. You should prepare yourself mentally and physically, but one important thing is to find the best BBL pillow. A BBL pillow plays an important role in maintaining the results of your procedure and helps you feel comfortable during this critical period. But how to choose the right BBL pillow

So, here are the 5 main things to consider in your search.

7 Things to Consider While Shopping For the Best BBL Pillow

When you’re shopping for a BBL pillow, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

BBL Pillow Quality

We understand that finding the right products to aid in the recovery process can be challenging. That is why we suggest you invest in high-quality BBL pillows that are designed to make the healing process easier and more comfortable. It should be made from eco-friendly and lightweight materials to provide the necessary support and compression to promote healing and reduce discomfort. Choose a BBL pillow consisting of 3 quality layers so you will benefit from a faster recovery without bruising. One layer will make you ultra-comfortable when sitting, the other will perfectly curve around your thighs, and the third layer will add maximum support to your after-surgery butt, lower back, and back muscles.


During your recovery, you'll need a BBL pillow that adapts to various situations. The best BBL pillow should be lightweight and easily portable, so that you can easily use it at home, in the car, or even at work. It should be versatile so you receive consistent support throughout your day.

It should fit most chairs and can be used while driving for more safety and versatility. It should have a carry bag so, you can carry it anywhere. 


BBL pillows come in various shapes and designs, each serving a specific purpose. Some are donut-shaped to reduce pressure on the newly enhanced buttocks, while others have cutouts to accommodate your curves comfortably. So, you should select according to your needs or consider pillows with contours specially designed for post-BBL patients.  

Consider Size

The most important factor in selecting the best BBL pillow is size. Consider the size of the BBL pillow concerning your body and your surgery site, this ensures that your buttocks don't touch the surface when you sit or lie down otherwise it will affect your surgery result. There should be a proper fit to aid in comfort and recovery.

Should be Washable

After surgery, hygiene is a top priority. The best BBL pillow should have a removable and washable cover, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh effortlessly. A pillow that's easy to maintain will provide ongoing comfort and support.

Customer Reviews

Once you’ve found a BBL pillow, take some time to read reviews from other buyers. This will help you understand the quality of the products and the level of comfort they provide during a recovery phase.

Return Policy

When you’re ready to make a purchase, be sure to ask about the return policy. This way, you will be sure that you’re making a wise investment for your BBL recovery.

Bottom line: Start with the right materials, add thoughtful design and size, consider customer reviews, and find the best BBL Pillow.  

Where To Find The Best BBL Pillow

There are many places where you can find BBL Pillow. Here are a few of the best options:


Many websites sell BBL supplies, and many of them offer shipping to the United States.

Local Retailers:

You can also find BBL supplies at local retailers.

Direct From The Manufacturer:

If you’re looking for the best possible price, you can buy the BBL pillows directly from the manufacturer.

Bombshell Booty Pillow: The Best Place To Find BBL Pillow Near You

Bombshell Booty Pillow offers a wide variety of post-supplies, including BBL pillows, BBL toilet seat risers, portable female urinals, lipo foams, and abdominal boards. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality BBL products at a competitive price. We also offer excellent customer service, so you can be sure you’re making a wise investment when choosing a bombshell booty pillow. To find out more about our products, please visit our website or contact us today.

Finding the best BBL pillow near you doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the tips in this blog post, you can find the perfect BBL products for your needs and budget.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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What are the Benefits Of Female Urinal Devices

Female urinal devices are useful in a lot of situations for women. These are more suitable when women have to use public toilets. They are also good for pregnant women so they may not need to repeatedly sit up and down to pee. Similarly, women who have issues with their joints and who have undergone Brazilian butt lift surgery find them particularly suitable. As you know after undergoing BBL surgery you are not allowed to sit on the toilet seat. 

In this article, we will explain the benefits of female urinal devices and how to choose a female urinal. 

What Is a Female Urinal Device

A female urination device, also called a "pee funnel," is a specially designed tool that allows women to urinate while standing up. It is made up of various materials like plastic, silicone, or other water-resistant materials. These devices keep the urine away from the body, preventing any mess or splashback. The portable female urinal is very easy to carry for every case of you as it fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. You can take it with you wherever you go whenever you want. 

Benefits Of Female Urinal Devices

They provide an easy solution to many of the women's challenges when using public toilets while traveling or camping, and when confronted with medical issues that make it difficult to use the bathroom. These are the few benefits of using female urinals. 

Prevent Urinary Tract Infection 

In case you have to use a public toilet there is a chance of getting a urinary tract infection (UTIs) as there are a lot of bacteria on the public toilet seat. These bacteria move from the urethra to the urinary bladder and cause urinary tract infections. So, it is best to use a portable female urinal device to pee to minimize the chances of infection. 

Maintain Personal Hygiene

These pee products help in maintaining personal hygiene. In case you have to urinate in an unsafe public toilet, you can use a portable female urinal device to maintain personal hygiene. This helps you to prevent many hazardous health problems. 

Easy to Use 

You can easily use it without taking off clothes if there is an opening in the crotch area). What makes this pee device unique is you can use it anywhere you want. Now there is no need to stand in waiting lines for using the bathroom as you can urinate easily anywhere with this device. 

Easy to Carry

This urinal is very easy to carry for every case to you as it fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. You can take it with you wherever you want to go. 

Easy To Clean

The portable urinal devices are easy to clean and are reusable. You can easily wash it and use it again and again. 

Best After Undergoing Surgery

After undergoing surgeries such as Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, or tummy tuck, it is hard to squat because it may put pressure on the surgical area and may destroy the surgical result. After undergoing BBL surgery you are not allowed to sit on the toilet seat. There is a need to use a portable female urinal device so, you will be able to go to the bathroom without having to sit. In such cases, FUDs come in handy as they enable them to urinate without having to sit on the toilet seat. You can easily use it without taking off your Faja. (If your Faja has an opening in the crotch area). 

Best For Pregnant and older women 

Pregnant women often face the problem of urinary incontinence, which can be quite embarrassing and inconvenient. With the help of these pee products, they can avoid such situations. If they have to use public restrooms they need a toilet hygiene initiative. These pee devices are best for pregnant women because squatting puts pressure on the abdomen area and causes discomfort so it's ideal to use urinal devices in pregnancy. Similarly, older women find it best because it is hard for them to squat due to weak knees or hips. In such cases, FUDs come in handy as they can urinate without having to remove their clothing.

Best For travelers and adventurers

When you're out in nature and need to pee, it's easier for men to pee standing up by a tree. But for women, it's not as simple. If you're camping and don't want to go outside in the dark to pee, you can use a disposable female urinal device made for peeing. It's handy and makes things easier when nature calls!

How to Choose The Right Female Urinal Device

When it comes to choosing the right female urinal device, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Made Of Silicone: Choose a device Made of flexible, medical-grade silicone as they are soft and easily collapsible taking minimal space in a bag.

Reusable: It should be lightweight, eco-friendly, and reusable. some devices even come with their carrying bags for convenience.

Seek Recommendation: It's good to seek recommendations from fellow travelers, hikers, or friends who've used these devices. Their experience can provide invaluable insights to you. 

Try Different Brands: You can try different brands or designs to see which suits you best as every woman's body is unique. 

Where to Buy a Female Urinal Device

We suggest you purchase a portable female urinal device from us at Bombshell Booty Pillow. 

Our urinals are reusable and made specifically for women. The portable urinal is easy to clean and small enough to carry wherever you go. Our high-quality urinal helps women to use the bathroom standing up in most cases without having to remove their body garments. We aim to provide the comfort and convenience needed for women who have recently gone through Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. So, Buy bbl surgery urinal online at an affordable price and add comfort to your life with our innovative device which can be used camping, hiking, or traveling or after your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. This female urinal funnel can also be used in your car on the go or to help you avoid contact with unsanitary public bathrooms.

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