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Our BBL Post Surgery Supplies Kit offers a comprehensive solution for individuals undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures. With a focus on comfort and support, this kit includes essential items such as a Lipo foam board, foam back padding, foam sheet, massage roller, and a BBL Booty Pillow.


The abdominal board, made from high-quality polyurethane, nylon, and spandex materials, provides optimal compression and support to the abdominal area. This board helps to enhance the results of the BBL surgery by promoting better skin adherence and reducing the risk of fluid retention. It comes in a standard size of approximately 37.8 x 11.8 inches, with an adjustable size ranging from 30.3 to 43.3 inches, ensuring a comfortable fit for various body types.


The foam back padding, constructed with nylon, polyurethane, and foam, offers additional comfort and support to the lower back region. Its compact size of approximately 5.9 x 9.1 inches makes it convenient for use during daily activities while providing gentle cushioning.


Included in the kit is a foam sheet, made from soft and pliable foam material. This sheet, measuring approximately 11 x 7.8 inches, is designed to be placed on the surgical incision site to provide cushioning and protect sensitive areas during the recovery process.


To complement the recovery process, our kit also includes a massage roller. This roller aids in reducing swelling, improving blood circulation, and promoting lymphatic drainage. By incorporating massage into your post-operative routine, you can enhance your healing journey and achieve better results.


Lastly, our BBL Booty Pillow is an essential component of the kit. Crafted with comfort in mind, this pillow is designed to provide optimal support to the buttock region while preventing direct pressure on the newly augmented area. The pillow's unique shape and construction allow for comfortable sitting and sleeping positions, enabling a more comfortable recovery experience.


All the items in our BBL Post Surgery Supplies Kit are carefully chosen for their quality and functionality. The polyurethane foam board is easy to clean and maintain, and its durable material ensures that it remains wrinkle-free and free from pilling. Washing it by hand and allowing it to dry naturally will preserve its quality, enabling long-term use.


This comprehensive kit serves as an ideal gift for friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, or anyone undergoing a BBL procedure. By providing them with the set of compression foam boards and supportive accessories, you can help them achieve a more comfortable and beautiful recovery experience.




Abdominal Board:


Material: Polyurethane, nylon, and spandex

Color: Black

Normal Size: Approximately 37.8 x 11.8 inches

Adjustable Size: Approximately 30.3-43.3 inches

Foam Back Padding:


Material: Nylon, polyurethane, and foam

Color: Black

Size: Approximately 5.9 x 9.1 inches

Foam Sheet:


Material: Foam

Color: White

Size: Approximately 11 x 7.8 inches

Bombshell Booty Pillow Package Bundle Kit:



1 x 360 Abdominal Compression Board

1 x Massage Roller

1 x BBL Booty Pillow

Experience the comfort and support you deserve during your BBL recovery with our BBL Post Surgery Supplies Kit. Invest in quality, functional items that will help you achieve the best results while ensuring a smooth healing process.

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