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Any BBL cushion would look great paired with our BBL PILLOW BACKSUPPORT. Its unique construction offers your lower back the best possible comfort and support while safeguarding your recently enhanced buttocks.

Our BBL Backrest  made of premium materials is both long-lasting and hypoallergenic. Because of its ergonomic shape, it distributes weight evenly, relieving stress on your buttocks and lower back. This promotes smooth healing and recuperation by avoiding wrinkles and indentations on your skin.

You can modify the height and angle of our BBL Backrest to suit your unique requirements and preferences. Due to this function, it is adaptable enough to be used when sitting on a chair, couch, or even in bed.

During your recuperation phase, our BBL Backrest and any BBL pillow will provide the best possible support and comfort. No matter what treatment you have, including a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), our BBL Backrest will aid in promoting recovery and reducing pain.

In our shop, we recognize the importance of a relaxing and stress-free recovery. We take pride in only providing our customers with the highest caliber products because of this. You can be sure that using our BBL Backrest along with any BBL cushion will provide you with the most comfort and support you require as you work toward recovery.

BBL Pillow Backsupport


Soft Cushioned Backrest
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Brazilian Back Support Pillow After Surgery
Save 71%