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Black The perfect pillow My Booty Cushion Pillow, Black Toilet Riser, Massage Roller Package



FOAM TOILET RISER 16” x 6” x 3”

BLACK BBL CUSHION PILLOW 16.5” x 7.5” x 5”



My Booty Pillow BBL PIllow 

  •  DURABLE & COMFORTABLE - NOTE: for best results we recommend the maximum weight supported to be under 190lbs. Built to support your body weight using your thighs. The new improved foam will help recovery go as smoothly and comfortably.
  • PREMIUM SUPPORT - Our pillow is built with premium materials such as black velour fabric. It's 100% polyester. The new updated foam is high resilience to help support your body weight.
  • STYLISH - Design to help you relax and portable to take on the go with a free portable carry bag.
  •  LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Risk-free post-op pillow will help you go through your recovery without any hassles.
  •  The perfect pillow for the perfect butt - Designed with your booty in mind.


Foam Toilet Riser Eva foam  (BLACK only)

    • ✔ MULTIPURPOSE high Density d Shaped Foam Roller, can be used for the following: BBL Toilet Riser, D-Shaped high Density Foam Lumbar Roll Back Support Pillow, Exercise high Density Foam, Yoga or Pilates high Density Firm Foam
    • ✔ GET THIS COMFORTABLE INSTANT BBL toilet Riser and Alleviate Your Stress and Pain. Allows You to Sit Without Damaging Your New Booty
    • ✔ THIS LUXURY PREMIUM High density foam provides the perfect firmness level shape support, yet it's soft enough to offer real comfort and relief
    • ✔IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY Using the unique stimulating bumps this roller helps to relieve soreness and tension in muscles, improving range of motion and flexibility
    • ✔PREMIUM HIGH DENSITY EVA foam provides durable extra-firm support while being soft to touch
    • ✔LONG LASTING durability and easy clean up makes these ideal for multi-user environments like physical therapy clinics and gyms, after bbl surgery as a toilet riser or back support. The uses is endless!