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Elevate Your Recovery with the Ultimate Lumbar Post-Op Board: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you considering liposuction for your lower back or a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery? Uncover the secret to a comfortable and supportive recovery with our Lumbar Post Op Back Board from My Booty Pillow BBL Molder Backboard! In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of using this ergonomic soft board for optimal results after lower back liposuction or BBL surgery.

Unveiling the Lumbar Post Op BBL Board Advantage:

1. Support and Comfort for Your Lower Back:

  • Experience unparalleled support and comfort with the Lumbar Post Op Back Board. Learn how it helps reduce swelling and discomfort in the lower back region, making your recovery journey smoother and more enjoyable.

2. Decreasing Dead Space:

  • Discover how our innovative board aids in decreasing dead space, optimizing your post-surgical process and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your liposuction or BBL procedure.

3. Soft and Curved Foam Design:

  • Dive into the details of the soft and curved foam design that ensures comfortable contact with the skin. Achieve the ideal posture and minimize discomfort in your lower back, promoting a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Why Choose My Booty Pillow Lumbar Molder:

1. Support and Back Comfort:

  • Explore the features of the lumbar molder, the ideal choice for extra back support after an aesthetic procedure. Learn how its soft seams protect your skin, eliminating the discomfort associated with generic back boards.

2. Perfect Lumbar Foam for BBL Success:

  • Understand the significance of wearing this lumbar molder inside liposuction compression garments for the successful recovery of a BBL, back liposuction, or any lipo procedure. Witness how it enhances the shaping effect of postoperative girdles, including the My Booty Pillow BBL Molder Backboard.

3. Fabrics That Care:

  • Delve into the materials used in the My Booty Pillow BBL Molder Backboard and discover how it fulfills aesthetic needs with its breathable and firm Polystyrene composition, complemented by an inner layer of hypoallergenic cotton.

4. Full Support with No Hassle:

  • Learn about the ergonomic design of the lumbar molder, virtually invisible under surgery body shapers. Embrace the flattening effect without compromising on style, and bid farewell to skin folding, fluid retention, or irritations.

Lipo Lumbar works perfect for faja colombiana

  • Explore the Spanish description of My Booty Pillow BBL Molder Backboard, highlighting how it flattens the skin, adhering it to the muscle and reducing fluid retention after back liposuction or a butt lift.

Instructions and Measurements:

  • Follow step-by-step instructions for placing the board on the lower back underneath the garment in the required position. The measurements ensure a perfect fit: Width - 9 inches, Height - 12.2 inches.

Color and Composition:

  • Explore the sleek black color and the composition of the lumbar molder, emphasizing the use of Polystyrene.


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