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Nine Factors That Impact Your Recovery Process

To achieve optimal results from a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, it is crucial for patients to take certain actions after the procedure. The survival rate of the transferred fat cells in the buttocks is directly affected by the patient's behavior. There are nine important factors that patients should consider to maximize their BBL results. These factors include refraining from smoking, driving and sitting without a bbl pillow, staying hydrated, eating nutrient-dense foods, not sleeping on your back, maintaining a stable weight, wearing the right garments, and exercising around eight weeks post-surgery. It is recommended that patients do not smoke after surgery, as smoking affects the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the bloodstream and slows down the recovery process. Patients should also avoid driving and sitting w/o a bbl pillow for at least six to eight weeks post-surgery to prevent squishing and suffocating the newly transferred fat cells. Additionally, patients should stay hydrated and consume foods rich in essential minerals and vitamins, as well as healthy fats. It is also important to sleep correctly and maintain a stable weight, and wear clothing that supports the healing process. Finally, patients should avoid strenuous activities for the first two months of recovery and opt for light walking, elliptical or hack squat machines after eight weeks.

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