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Brazilian Butt Lift BBL and Tummy Tuck Supply List

Brazilian Butt Lift BBL and Tummy Tuck Supply List

A low compression faja is a type of compression garment that you will need to wear after your tummy tuck and BBL surgery. This garment helps to reduce swelling, bruising, and discomfort, and also provides support for the healing tissues. It is essential to wear the faja as instructed by your surgeon to ensure that you get the best results from your surgery. You may need to have more than one faja in different sizes as your body changes during the recovery process.

BBL Pillow BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) pillows are specially designed pillows that help individuals recover from a BBL surgery by providing support to their buttocks, thighs. Using a BBL Butt pillow Cushion can be an essential part of the recovery process after a BBL surgery, as it can help to reduce discomfort, swelling, and the risk of damaging the newly transplanted fat cells. However, it's important to follow the specific guidelines provided by your surgeon and use the pillow correctly to ensure the best results.

Compression Socks  are special types of socks that are designed to apply pressure to the lower legs, ankles, and feet. The pressure from the socks helps to improve blood flow by squeezing the veins.Compression socks can also be beneficial in reducing inflammation

Antibacterial Soap You will also need antibacterial soap to use during the first week after the surgery to reduce the risk of infection. Your surgeon will recommend a specific brand and type of soap to use, and it is essential to follow their instructions carefully.

Pain Medication You will need to take pain medication to manage the pain and discomfort after the surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain medication, and you should take it as directed. Avoid taking any over-the-counter pain medication without consulting your surgeon first.

Healthy Snacks and Water It is essential to stay hydrated and eat healthy snacks during the recovery process. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods that are high in protein and nutrients to help your body heal and recover.

A low compression faja, also known as the stage-1 faja, is a compression garment that minimizes inflammation, swelling, and pain. It puts gentle pressure on the tissues and prevents excessive fluid from accumulating. The purpose is to ensure your body absorbs fluid and speeds up the healing process.

Seamless Tank Tops, Wearing seamless tank tops during the first week is an excellent way to reduce chafing, improve muscles’ strength, and let the tissues breathe. A lightweight tank top can reduce pressure on the surgical site and allow cells at the incision site to breathe appropriately. Female Urinal A female urinal is a reliable product that helps the patient avoid urine issues. For example, you can use the product during the first week to ensure proper urinating with less disruption. A female urinal is also beneficial for reducing severe discomfort and pain during the first week because the rehabilitation requires you to maintain low mobility.

Foam Pads Bombshell Booty Pillow Foam pads, such as epi foam, are essential supplies for BBL and tummy tuck patients. They provide a cushion for your buttocks or abdomen and protect your incisions during the healing process. The foam pads also help distribute pressure evenly, preventing any pressure points that can cause discomfort or pain.Arnica Gel Arnica gel is a natural remedy that helps reduce swelling and bruising. It contains an extract from the arnica plant, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can help speed up the healing process. Applying arnica gel to the affected area can help reduce pain and swelling and promote faster recovery.

Stool Softeners Constipation is a common issue after surgery due to the anesthesia and pain medications that slow down the digestive system. Stool softeners can help ease constipation and prevent straining during bowel movements, which can put pressure on the incision site and cause discomfort. Your health provider may recommend a stool softener to make your bowel movements more comfortable and reduce the risk of any complications.

Female Urinal A female urinal is a reliable product that helps the patient urinate while standing up.

Tylenol -Tylenol is an anti-inflammatory medication prescribed to reduce swelling and pain during recovery

Arnica Gel Arnica gel is a topical ointment or cream applied to the surgical site. The gel has anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce swelling, speed up wound healing, and soothe muscle pain.

Lymphatic Drainage Supplement The lymphatic drainage supplement is another item to use after the second week up to the twelfth week. Sometimes, tummy tuck and BBL cause the accumulation of lymph fluid  Therefore, using the lymphatic drainage supplement, equip your body with essential nutrients to prevent fluid accumulation.

Scar Treatment There are specialized creams and ointments for reducing scar visibility after the surgery between the second and twelfth weeks. However, if your scar remains stubborn and does not fade, you can undergo the scar removal treatment for a more even tone and smooth texture.
Second Stage Faja The second stage faja is a customized product designed to tighten your muscles, accelerate recovery, and prevent fat reabsorption in the tummy area. Unlike the first stage faja, the second stage faja has a high-level compression. You can use the product as a waist trainer and shapewear.

All of these products can be helpful during the first week of the rehabilitation period following a tummy tuck and BBL. However, it is essential to note that every patient's situation is unique, and some of these products may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is always best to follow your surgeon's instructions and recommendations to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

How should pajama pants be in terms of fit and comfort?

Pajama pants should be very loose and comfortable to maximize comfort during the bbl recovery period or liposuction. Opt for loose-fitting pants that do not constrict or put pressure on the surgical areas. The goal is to have clothing that allows for easy movement and does not interfere with the healing process. Avoid tight or restrictive pajama pants that may cause discomfort or restrict blood circulation.


What type of nightgown should be considered for easy removal during a shower or washing?

A button-up nightgown is recommended for easy removal during a shower or washing. The buttons allow for convenient opening and closing of the nightgown, making it easier to take off and put on without causing strain on the surgical areas. Additionally, the nightgown should be loose-fitting to ensure comfort and minimize any pressure on the healing incisions.


What kind of clothes should be worn during the recovery period?

Loose and comfortable clothing should be worn during the recovery period after BBL and tummy tuck surgery. This allows for ease of movement and minimizes any restriction on the surgical areas. It is important to avoid tight or restrictive clothing that may cause discomfort or interfere with the healing process.

In summary, preparing for BBL and tummy tuck surgery requires proper planning and organization. You will need to have the necessary bbl recovery supplies before and after the surgery to ensure a smooth recovery process. Make sure to discuss any concerns or questions with your health provider and follow their instructions carefully. By discussing with your surgeon and following their recommendations, you can make your recovery smoother and more comfortable. Remember to prioritize rest, hydration, and nutrition to help your body heal properly. With the right supplies and proper care, you can achieve your desired results and enjoy your new body shape.

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