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is a bbl permanent?

BBL after 5-10 Years | Brazilian Butt Lift after Years

Is BBL Permanent?

BBL after 5-10 Years | Brazilian Butt Lift after Years

It is natural to have concerns about BBL – how long does it last, and whether a fat transfer BBL after 10 years will also continue to sustain. During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should clearly ask: Is BBL permanent? Surgeons who are transparent in their approach will inform you that aging effects will ultimately catch up, even though BBL long term results are highly sustainable.

BBL is designed to last a lifetime

A Brazilian butt lift surgery involves the use of autologous fat, which is injected into your buttocks. Autologous means that the fat cells are taken from your own body, and do not include synthetic fillers or implants. So, the fat cells will more naturally integrate when they are transferred to your buttocks. A skilled surgeon will purify the fat and inject it in a manner that the fat cell rejection rate will be minimal to ensure the longevity of results.


Aging effects will play their role

When you ask your surgeon about how long does a BBL last, they will give you an estimate of BBL after 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and more. However, it is important to maintain realistic expectations and remember that even though BBL is permanent, but your body’s aging process is dynamic and irreversible. Your body will undergo changes of shape, fat storage, and skin elasticity over time, and these will have an impact on your appearance.

Fat transfer BBL after 10 years

Results of a BBL after 10 years are going to vary from one patient to another. Your body is unique, and a number of factors will influence what happens to your BBL 10 years later or more. Here are some of the key factors that will make a difference.

Surgeon’s skills: An experienced BBL surgeon will inject the right amount of purified fat at the right points in your buttocks to achieve excellent fat integration. This will set the foundation for your BBL long term results.

Patient profile: If you undergo the surgery at a younger age, a fat transfer BBL after 10 years will likely be more resilient. Your health condition, skin thickness and tone, and genetic makeup will also impact your long term Brazilian butt lift results.

Healthy lifestyle: What happens to a fat transfer BBL after 10 years will depend in large part on whether you have followed your surgeon’s aftercare instructions and maintained a stable body weight, a balanced diet, and an active lifestyle.

What happens to a BBL after years?

What happens to a BBL after years is essentially a function of what happens during your post-operative aftercare and recovery phase. This will set the tone for a long-lasting and successful outcome. Is BBL permanent? Again, the answer to this question will depend on how well you follow through in your post-surgical BBL recovery.

First week: In your first week after a Brazilian butt lift surgery, take plenty of rest and perform only light activities at home. Keep the treated areas clean and minimize your risk of infection. Take your antibiotics or other medications as prescribed.

First month: Avoid sitting on your bottom so that the buttocks do not experience heavy pressure. This will allow the new fat cells to integrate successfully. Do not smoke in the first month as nicotine could interfere with the healing procedure.

Two months: Your surgeon may require you to wear a compression garment for one to two months. This will support fat remodeling in the treated areas. Do not perform strenuous exercises until the first two months after your BBL surgery.

Two years: Maintain periodic follow-up appointments with your surgeon in the first two years. Results of a BBL after 2 years will show how thoroughly and naturally the donor fat has been resorbed in your buttocks. This will indicate what happens to a BBL after years.

How long does a BBL last?

At your pre-op consultation with a plastic surgeon, it is important to discuss how does BBL last? In general, the Brazilian butt lift results may last for many years, and probably for decades. Some patients may even enjoy permanent BBL results for a lifetime. Let us try to understand what happens with fat transfer BBL after 10 years or longer.

How long does donor fat survive?

As long as your Brazilian butt lift surgery has been performed correctly, your body will be able to retain about 75% of the initial donor fat cells that were injected in your buttocks. This new fat will be retained for a lifetime. Therefore, if you want to know is BBL permanent, you should understand the longevity of the donor fat that is transferred to your rear end.

Your buttocks will regenerate new fat

When the fat cells are injected in your buttocks, it will trigger the body’s natural cellular regeneration process. While in the first few weeks, you may feel as if the grafted fat volume is depleting, it will gradually get compensated with the production of new fat cells. These new fat cells will likely last a lifetime, so you can expect your buttock shape and volume to sustain for long.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) 10 years later

If your Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery has been performed correctly, your results are likely to span decades, not years. BBL 10 years later may continue to reveal excellent outcomes for most patients. Remember that most women choose this surgery at a relatively younger age. This body is highly adaptive and resilient at that time, and chances of achieving a long, sustainable outcome are high.

BBL 10 years later is likely to show the same perky and curvaceous shape of your buttocks as you had right after the surgery. BBL is not designed to address loose skin, so if you develop skin laxity issues, you may want to have a touch-up surgery later on. A balanced diet, a regular fitness regimen, and a healthy and stress-free life will help maintain excellent results with BBL 10 years later. As long as you do not put on excessive weight or undergo significant weight fluctuations, you can be at your best with BBL after 10 years. If you choose your BBL at a later age, your buttock will undergo changes over time and will respond to the natural aging process.

BBL after 5 years

A Brazilian butt lift surgery will deliver distinctive cosmetic benefits in the early years after the procedure. BBL results after 2 years are likely to peak, and the peak may be maintained well beyond 5 years. At the time of surgery, you should request your surgeon to show you BBL after 5 years photographs of other patients, so you can visualize how your lower body will appear at that stage. Here are some of the expected outcomes.

You are likely to be the closest possible version of an hourglass figure in your lower body with a BBL after 5 years. The fat resorption and new fat cell regeneration process would have completed by 5 years and you will look your natural best. An attractive and proportionate appearance will motivate you to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen for enhanced results. The liposuction conducted in your excess fat areas for BBL will further add to your proportionate body appearance at 5 years. Provided you maintain stable body weight, BBL after 5 years will let you enjoy rounded, firm and well-defined buttock contours.

**BBL long term results

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