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How to sit on bbl pillow in car

How to Sit on BBL Pillow in the Car Without Pain

Driving after a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure is challenging especially when it comes to car rides. Many patients who’ve undergone BBL surgery have questions about how to sit on a BBL pillow in the car without pain to ensure comfort and preserve surgical results. To protect the newly transferred fat cells, it is recommended to use a BBL pillow.  The correctly positioned BBL pillow reduces pressure on the buttocks. In this blog post, we will answer this question and provide practical tips for a safe ride post-surgery.

What is BBL

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)  is a popular cosmetic procedure. During this process, the body's excess fat is added to the patient's butt to add volume and projection which results in smooth, balanced, buttocks with an enhanced shape and size. During this process, the regions with excess fat stores such as the back, abdomen, flanks, thighs, or any area with unwanted fat are selected for liposuction. First, the fat is filtered for purification and then injected into the buttocks. As a result, recovery involves waiting for the areas that have undergone liposuction to heal, while also using extreme caution so that the transferred fat grafts are successful.

Why there is a need for a BBL pillow for Driving

The toughest part of the BBL recovery process is getting used to the fact that you can’t sit down normally. Sitting after the BBL procedure for the first few weeks is highly discouraged. But some people need to continue their work or handle everyday tasks. Applying pressure to the newly transferred fat cells can jeopardize the recovery journey and your desired final results. Moreover, excessive pressure might cause these new cells to migrate, which is called fat shifting. To reduce these risks, it is highly recommended to use a specially designed BBL pillow for driving.  

How to Sit on BBL Pillow in the Car Without Pain

Here’s all about how to sit in your car comfortably and safely post-BBL procedure. 

Prepare The Car Seat

Make sure your steering is raised high until you get into the car. Place the BBL pillow towards the front edge of the driver’s seat, closer to the steering wheel than the backrest. You can adjust the back of the seat if it is too far back. The objective here is to have your rear elevated slightly, keeping it from making direct contact with the seat.  

Get Into The Car Carefully

How to sit on a BBL pillow is simple. Start by holding on to the steering wheel and onto the door part and just slide in. Now lift your butt a little bit up just to make sure you are not sitting or touching your butt on the seat. And here you are ready to drive with your new booty. If you are worried about the back of your butt touching the seat you can put a pillow there but it should be okay because it's not squishing anything. Make sure that your feet are close enough to the pedals. Pressing the gas or brakes unevenly puts pressure on the implanted fat cells. It is recommended not to drive more than twenty minutes in the first 3 weeks of post-op. If you find yourself traveling longer than advised, stop every thirty minutes to walk around, stretch, and readjust your position.

In instances where you may find yourself on the road for a duration exceeding the recommended limit, it’s crucial to take periodic breaks. Pause every half hour to stretch your legs, take a short walk, and realign your sitting position.

How to Choose The Right BBL Pillow For Car 

A BBL pillow minimizes unnecessary pressure on the newly crafted area. Here are the most important factors you need to take into account to find your perfect BBL pillow:

  • It should support your thighs and enables your butt to hang free with no added pressure. 
  • The materials should be breathable. 
  • The pillow shape should mold your body and the car seat effectively.  
  • It should be lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere. 
  • It should fit on almost all seats and should always stay upright.
  • A removable cover that’s easy to clean is a smart choice.

Benefits of BBL Pillow

This BBL pillow not only provides comfort but also aids in preserving the shape attained from the surgery. It also minimizes potential risks of complications by reducing pressure on sensitive areas ensuring that the results last longer.

Mistakes to Avoid While Using a BBL Pillow

  • Always ensure that the butt is elevated, and the thighs bear most of the weight.
  • Using a pillow that has lost its firmness or is damaged can compromise post-surgery results.
  • To Make A Fast And Complete Recovery, Use Bombshell Booty Pillow

    While adapting your seating with a BBL pillow post-surgery is crucial, complete recovery demands much more. Incorporating BBL post-surgery supplies can significantly enhance your healing process. So, dive into the Bombshell booty pillow collection and invest in post-o essential supplies to accelerate your path to the desired aesthetic outcome.

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