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Top 3 destinations for plastic surgery

3 top cosmetic surgery destinations abroad

An increasing number of individuals are opting for medical procedures abroad, incorporating some relaxation into their trips. Whether it's men returning from Turkey with post-hair transplant gauze-wrapped heads or friends seeking affordable liposuction in Latin America, the global surge in post-COVID medical tourism is undeniable. Healthcare travel is growing at a rate of 15% to 25% annually, primarily driven by the rise in cosmetic surgery. In 2022, the International Society of Plastic Surgeons reported an 11.2% growth, totaling over 14.9 million procedures globally.

Dr. Thomas P. Sterry, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, acknowledges the shift in perception within his practice. While medical tourism once carried a negative stigma, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok now connect patients worldwide, transcending borders.

This evolving trend has given rise to international plastic surgery hubs, extending beyond U.S. cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. These destinations offer a dual experience—luxurious vacations and cost savings. Dr. Lyle Leipziger, chief of plastic surgery at North Shore University Hospital, notes that the primary driver for seeking cosmetic surgery abroad is cost.

Let's explore some prominent international plastic surgery destinations:

**Destination: cosmetic surgery Turkey**
Known for rhinoplasty and hair transplant surgery, Turkey has seen a surge in popularity. Dr. Andrew Peredo highlights the country's renowned doctors and lower overall costs, even factoring in accommodations and travel. Turkey combines quality work with affordability, attracting global patients.

**Destination: South Korea**
South Korea stands out for blepharoplasty, mandibuloplasty, and face lifts. It's considered the global capital of plastic surgery, where meticulous procedures are performed at a fraction of U.S. costs. Clinics like Dream Medical Group offer detailed surgeries, airport pickups, luxury hotel stays, and additional services like dental care and aesthetic treatments.

**Destination: plastic surgery Colombia**
Colombia is renowned for Brazilian butt lifts, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation, drawing individuals seeking body contouring. Dr. Lina Triana emphasizes the appeal of "Latin contours" and recommends affordable stays, such as at Hotel Karlo, offering comprehensive services like airport pickups, nurse care, and meals.

While these international destinations provide enticing opportunities, caution is crucial. Complications, such as skin necrosis and infections, can occur. Dr. Julio Gallo stresses the importance of thorough research before opting for treatments abroad. Despite the risks, the interconnected global plastic surgery market allows collaboration among top surgeons, enhancing accessibility and luxury in the field.

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